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Staying on track with your nutritional intake is the most important aspect of fitness. While working out regularly is important, it is fairly useless without a proper diet balanced with the correct amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis to function at peak performance. As with anything else in life, maintaining a diet like this requires personal dedication, the will to succeed, and the right tools for the job. Missing even one of these components put you at risk of failure. Feeling a sense of personal dedication, and having an active will to succeed, are qualities which you must discover within yourself. They are unable to be purchased; they must come from a inner resolve, and a desire to be better than you are today. It takes more than just an appetite for victory though, you must also have the proper tools to get the job done effectively.


Tools For Success:

  • Meal Management Bags
  • Meal Prep Containers
  • The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep

Average lunch coolers cannot compare to meal management bags. These are bags designed, created, and sold specifically with you in mind. Nutritionists, bodybuilders, athletes, and trainers use meal management bags to store, organize, and carry their meals for the entire day. It is not a simple lunch cooler designed to hold a few snacks and a can of soda. It is a meal management system, dedicated to providing the ultimate in meal prepping coordination. Isolator fitness provides seven different sizes and styles of these bags, each specifically produced for their own individualized uses. From the isomini, created to be the most compact option, and which holds 1-2 meals and not much else, to the isoduffle, which was designed with the ultimate fitness and nutritional junky in mind; it is able to carry 6-8 meals within its insulated meal pouch, and everything else you need for the gym in the remaining areas of the bag.

Isolator Fitness provides meal management bags that are not just for athletes, bodybuilders, nutritionists, trainers and other individuals on specialty diets; they are for anybody and everybody. They are designed and manufactured to hold up to against the everyday wear and tear of toddlers, school children, teenagers, parents, professionals, service workers, athletes, bodybuilders, and gym enthusiasts alike. The customers that buy these bags are as diverse as the styles provided by Isolator Fitness. Whether your health and fitness goals are simplistic in nature and revolve around trying to eat a balanced diet and be more physically active, or involve a more complex training regimen that requires intense focus on nutritional values and meal planning, you are guaranteed to find a meal management bag here, that fits your needs, as well as your desires.

Meal Management Bags by Isolator Fitness



The isomini is the smallest of the isobags and comes with enough interior space for one or two meals. It also features two side mesh pockets for drink storage and a top zipper storage area for personal items, or additional healthy snacks. As far as meal management bags go, this is about as small and “average” as they come. This bag is small enough to be used by a child for a school lunch and sophisticated enough to be used by adults for short outings and quick small meals. It was designed with compact convenience, and the everyday person in mind. That does not mean that it does not make a great quick option for athletes and trainers alike though. While this meal management bag would never be able to hold all of the meals a bodybuilder would need for the day, it would certainly be an option if they knew that they would only be out of the house for a few hours, and did not want to take up extra space with one of the larger, more systematically intense bags.

3 Meal Cube

lunch box cooler

The 3 meal cube is the next size up and designed for those who want to adapt and maintain healthy eating habits. It has enough interior space to hold three to four well portioned meals that should last the average person the length of a normal day. Athletes may not want to travel too far away from home, for an extended period of time with this bag, since it will only hold about half of the meals they are likely to consume in any given day. The two mesh pockets on the side make carrying water bottles and supplements a breeze, while the top zipper compartment is great for quick access to smaller healthy snacks or personal items.

Full Size 3 Meal

3 Meal Isobag

The full size 3 meal bag has all of the benefits as the 3 meal cube but in addition to those features it also has two insulated pockets on the sides of all meal management bags that are perfect for keeping smoothies, water, or supplement shakes cold. These additional pockets can also be used to keep more small meals or healthy snacks, since they are insulated. They are individual pockets, separate from the main interior insulated so although they are insulated to remain cold, these pockets are not likely to stay as cold, for as long, as the main meal management pocket.

6 Meal Cube

6 meal management bag

Now here is a bag made with athletes in mind. This meal management bag has interior insulated space for 6 to 8 well portioned meals, making sure that no athlete or bodybuilder goes hungry during the day. Knowing that every single meal that they will need for the day conveniently fits into a single bag means that they will never have to worry about gorging on whatever food they can find after an intense workout. It also guarantees that they will not go hungry on days when they are away from the house for the entire day.

Full Size 6 Meal

6 Meal Isobag

This is the ultimate in stand alone meal management bags. While Isolator Fitness does carry other bags that may hold more personal items, this is the biggest food only meal management bag in their arsenal. At 18”X9”X8” it is astonishing that it can hold 6 to 8 meals in the main interior pocket, an additional 1-2 meals or healthy snacks in the top storage area, two cold beverages in the side insulated pockets and two more beverages in the side mesh pockets and still be under 35 inches. The dimensions alone are enough to amaze anyone who has ever owned another lunch cooler.



The isopack is a more than just a meal management bag it is an entire meal management system. In addition to having a lower positioned insulated space for 4-6 meals, it also has a large main “backpack” pocket that is perfect for carrying books, notes, clothes, and other large personal items. It also features a separate pocket for a laptop or tablet, a front pocket for keys, cell phones, pens, and other smaller personal items; as well as two mesh pockets on the side for convenient carrying of water or supplement shakes. This meal management bag is perfect for a student whose focus is divided between being fit and active, and succeeding at school. It is also a great option for a beach bag, a diaper bag, or a carry on bag anytime you fly.



Here it is. The ultimate in meal management bags. A meal management system for the extreme fitness guru. This is a bag that every single bodybuilder, athlete, trainer, and dedicated workout inspired individual needs for success in their lives. It is the bag that will take their goal from a dream to a reality. By taking full advantage of all of the features this product has to offer, they will never find an excuse to miss a single meal or workout, and they will never have the need for a quick trip home, or a high calorie quick snack from a convenience store or fast food establishment because their pre packed healthy choices will be the most convenient option available.

The choice and variety does not stop at the type of meal management bag either. With thirty-three different colors and patterns to choose from these bags bring the style back into a healthy lifestyle, and allow you the opportunity to show off your unique personality to the world. Color choices range from bright and bold: green, red, yellow, fuchsia, and orange; to the more subdued hues of: black, blue (light or dark), pink, and purple, we even have a blackout option if color really is not your thing. Feel like adding just a pop of color without decking the whole bag out? We’ve even got you covered there, with two toned bags that come in black with your choice of accent color. Hunters and military personnel you are covered too with our collections of Mossy Oak and Military Camo’s. Hunters will love our six camo options that blend in with five different natural outdoor settings including Mossy Oak’s: Blades, Break Up, Infinity, Obsession and Winter; and no hunting camo collection would be complete without the fun and flirty Mossy Oak Pink option. Six digital military style camo options are also available including: Air Force, Woodland, Army, Desert, Navy, and Seal.


The best is yet to come. Not only are these bags available in a multitude of sizes to fit your lifestyle and a varied array of colors and patterns to fit your personality, but they are also made of the highest quality materials, right here in the United States. We are proud of the fact that each and every meal management bag that gets branded with the Isolator Fitness logo is hand crafted and Made In America which provides our customers with quality and durability that they can count on for years to come. All meal management bags that leave our factory are hand checked for quality control and regulation, and unless they meet our strict expectations they do not leave our manufacturing plant.


We understand the important role that these bags will play in your lives, and we spend time and personalized effort making sure that our products will not let you down. With the purchase of each Isolator Fitness meal management bag you will also receive 1, 2, or 3 isobricks that fit comfortably within that specific bag, and aids in the 16+ hour cooling time capability of these bags; with 16+ hours of cooling capacity these are the best bags on the market for all day, continuous use. Also included in each bag are a number of meal prep containers, that fit perfectly within the insulated areas of the bags. These containers are designed to be lightweight and durable to hold up against daily use, without adding extra weight and strain to the bags. Each bag comes with a specific number of containers, in a variety of sizes, so that you have options from the very first time you use your bag.


colored meal prep containers

Meal prep containers are just as important as the meal management bags they go into. These are the containers that you are going to store your healthy meal options within so you will want to make sure that they are made of quality, BPA-free, virgin polypropylene materials in a North American plant that is prop 65 compliant. This is the only way that you can insure that your meal prep containers are as healthy for you as the food you pack in them. Afterall, there is no use taking time and effort out of your week to prepare healthy, nutrient rich meals if you are going to package them in meal prep containers that contain chemical residue that could potentially give you cancer.

There are only three main components that must be purchased to be successful with meal prepping and two of them come packaged together when you buy an Isolator Fitness meal management bag. The last necessary piece of the puzzle is The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep, cultivated by the staff at Isolator Fitness to provide you with the information you need to become a meal prepping expert. This will serve as the utmost important piece of literature you will ever own, if you want to take nutritional eating, and healthy living seriously. It will be your guide every step of the way teaching you everything you need to know about the meal prepping process, and even listing a few favorite ISO family meal prep recipes for you to try out. Downloading the 216 page manual is the first step towards a successful life in healthy meal prepping. But here is the best news yet; downloading The Encyclopedia of Meal Prep is absolutely free on the Isolator Fitness Website. It is our gift to you. We make sure that this information costs absolutely nothing to you, because we want to see you succeed, and we want to be a part of your transformation story.

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