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Nutrition accounts for about eighty percent of your overall health, which means that maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet is exceptionally more important to your overall body composition than exercise. Of course that’s not to say that exercise does not hold value, it simply means that without the proper nutrients, no amount of exercise will ever give you a tight and chiseled body. Bodybuilders understand this concept better than anybody which is why they spend so much of their time and energy on making sure that they are only fueling their bodies with the very best and natural ingredients. Since building muscles takes an incredible amount of energy those who bodybuild for a living (or even as a hobby) must often eat much more often than the average person.


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Meal prepping is one of the easiest ways for bodybuilders to keep track of their daily nutritional consumption, because it takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. By using bodybuilding meal prep containers they can prep an entire week’s worth of food in advance, which frees up a few hours everyday that would otherwise be spent on cooking, that can instead be focused around workouts. Bodybuilding meal prep containers also makes it easier for these individuals to have a more normal life. Instead of having to constantly be near a kitchen to cook their six to eight meals per day, or trying to rely on the unreliable nutritional values of restaurant meals, they can pack up their homemade food in their bodybuilding lunch box and carry all of their daily meals with them, wherever they go.


In order to ensure that they can pack all of the food they need for the day, not only do bodybuilders need a large enough lunch box, but they also need bodybuilding meal prep containers that are space efficient and stackable. Stackability is important because if the containers do not fit well on top of each other they will significantly reduce the amount of food that one could fit into a lunch box meaning that you would either need to pack two bags, or cut down on your food consumption, neither of which is a viable option for bodybuilders. Space efficiency is just as important because it means that fitting another meal into a lunch box is an easy task, especially since the bodybuilding lunch boxes manufactured and sold by Isolator Fitness have additional insulated storage areas.

Quality is Key

When buying a product that you are going to use in your daily life, especially to the extent that bodybuilders use meal prep containers, it is important to know that you are investing in a quality product. No one wants to waste money on something that is going to fall apart after a few months of use. Of course durability shouldn’t be the only factor that is considered either when choosing a product like bodybuilding meal prep containers, that are going to hold food that you will eventually consume. When the products will come into direct contact with food items, it is also important to ensure that they do not contain contaminants such as BPA, or other toxic chemicals.

Top Qualities

  • Virgin Polypropylene
  • Eco-Friendly
  • North American Made
  • BPA Free
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Space Efficient
  • Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Colorful

Virgin Polypropylene

virgin polypropylene

There is a type of plastic called polypropylene plastic that has been used in the production of products since the 1950’s. That means that non-virgin polypropylene has been recycled and reused since 1950’s created things like lawn ornaments, office furniture, gasoline containers, and even food containers. Because of the high levels of toxicity of gasoline itself, once the plastic has been used to make something like a gasoline container it can no longer be used to make anything else, but those same rules do not apply to many of the other items being made from this recycled material. A piece of furniture that once held dust, debris, and human skin follicles in an office, or a lawn gnome that has been exposed to the natural elements year round, are both eligible to be recycled into meal prep containers, despite the fact that the plastic now contains traces of chemical debris that will be permanently present.

The good news about Isolator Fitness bodybuilding meal prep containers is that they are all made from 100% virgin polypropylene plastic. This means that they have no traces of chemical contamination from human contact nor exposure to the elements. The use of virgin polypropylene in meal prep containers is especially important because they are the vessel storing food that you will at some point put into your body for nourishment. Anything that the food may come into contact with has the potential to be ingested by your body, and if those particles just happen to be chemical contaminants that can be found in recycled plastic products, your health could suffer.



Using virgin polypropylene plastics does not mean that these bodybuilding meal prep containers are not friendly to the environment though. It simply means that the health of the consumer comes first. Being friendly to the environment is a combination of three major components: reducing waste, reusing products, and recycling goods. Each bodybuilding meal prep container sold by Isolator Fitness is 100% recyclable. Not only that but because they are made from quality products they also last longer than the average meal prep container, meaning that they can be reused more often than their competitors products.

The weekly cycle of a meal prep container may easily involve storage in both the freezer and refrigerator, transportation in a meal prep bag, reheating in a microwave, and washing in a dishwasher. The more frequently meal prepping is initiated in a week, the more often this entire process may take place for an individual meal prep container, so they need to be able to stand up to the challenge. By reusing the product in a daily, weekly, or even monthly endeavour to meal prep you are reducing the amount of waste you might otherwise produce by eating out, using non recyclable products, or even just using the energy in your home to cook meals every single day of the week.

North American Made

american made

When products are made outside of North America they do not always have to comply with rules and regulations that have been set forth by the American government to keep the citizens safe from harmful contaminants and chemicals. One such law is prop 65 which is a Californian law that requires that products that contain certain toxic chemicals be labeled as such. Chemicals that must be announced are those that are known to cause a multitude of birth defects, reproductive harm, and even some cancers.

While meal prep containers made outside of North America may be prop 65 compliant, there is no guarantee that they will announce these known contaminants. On the other hand, bodybuilding meal prep containers that have been made in North America, such as those sold by Isolator Fitness, are guaranteed to be prop 65 compliant, so that the consumer can be comfortable with their purchase. If there is one type of product you should absolutely be certain is clean and free of chemicals when purchasing, it should be the product that you will be putting your food into.

BPA Free

bpa free

An organic synthetic compound called Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, has been used in plastic making since the 1960’s. Although it was once fairly common for this compound to be used in containers that contained food, it is no longer such a popular practice. Over the years, health professionals have become increasingly concerned that exposure to BPA can cause health effects in fetuses, infants, and children, related to their brain, behavior and prostate glands.

It is possible for BPA to seep into the food, and beverages that are stored in containers that have been made with these plastic contaminants. Since it has not yet been determined how much BPA is safe to consume, it is best to choose bodybuilding meal prep containers that are free from the contamination of BPA. Before buying your next set, be sure to check out the label and ensure that it says Isolator Fitness so that you can be sure that what you’re purchasing is BPA Free, keeping you and anyone else using your meal prep containers safe from the harmful effects of this compound.


food prep containers

As previously stated, bodybuilders need to eat a lot, and very frequently. This intense frequency means that it is most convenient for them to practice meal prepping once or twice per week, rather than trying to cook each meal fresh everyday. This frees up some of their time that would otherwise have to be used for cooking, to be used at the gym increasing their muscle tone. In order to meal prep as often as they must then, it is important that they invest in durable bodybuilding meal prep containers that will hold up through the daily and weekly use and abuse of these items.

Isolator Fitness sells some of the most durable meal prep containers that will last through hundreds of meal preps. These containers were specifically designed to be able to go from the freezer, to the refrigerator, into a meal prep bag, then a microwave for reheating all before consumption. They then are also capable of being put into a dishwasher for cleaning before being brought back out to repeat the entire process again. For anyone who practices meal prepping you can understand why your containers being able to hold up during these processes for years is incredibly important.



While it is true that bodybuilders have more than enough muscles to carry around a 50 pound meal prep bag full of heavy meal prep containers, and food, it is also true that they shouldn’t have to waste their energy or muscle power on these pursuits. After all the lighter that the actual bodybuilding meal prep containers actually are, the more food weight can be added to the equation, and at the end of the day, the importance of the food far outweighs the importance of the workout it would take to carry heavier equipment.

Lightweight food containers are also beneficial to the environment because the lighter the container is, the less plastic was used to actually manufacture the product. Since reduction is one of the three major factors of improving environmental health, the lightweight factor of these bodybuilding meal prep containers is especially fascinating. Most importantly though is that after an extensive workout session at the gym, the last thing that anybody needs, even a bodybuilder, is to have to carry a heavy bag around with them for the rest of the day, just to balance their daily nutritional values in their foods.

Space Efficient

meal prep containers

Not only is the space efficiency of cabinet storage important when it comes to meal prep containers but so is the space efficiency in the freezer, refrigerator, and meal prep lunch box. When you think about it, the more meals that you are able to store within these devices at one time, the less often you will have to meal prep which means you can spend less time every week in the kitchen, and more time out working on other aspects of your health and fitness goals.

Since the main goal of bodybuilding meal prep containers is to hold enough food to satisfy a bodybuilders larger than average appetite, the space efficiency of them becomes incredibly important. If you can fit more containers into a lunch box, then you will obviously be able to fit more food into the lunch box as well, giving you a better chance of actually satisfying your appetite. Even in the event that the food remains uneaten, it is always better to overpack than to not pack enough and have to try to rely on the unreliable nutritional value of on the go meals from restaurants or fast food establishments. Remember that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.

Freezer, Refrigerator, Microwave, and Dishwasher Safe


Although it is not necessary for bodybuilding meal prep containers to be able to be used in all of these areas: the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher, because the food can be transferred from one to the other rather easily, it certainly does make it more convenient and space efficient to be able to keep your food in the same container throughout the entire process, without worrying about how it will hold up in a different environment. Meal prepping itself becomes much easier when you can cook all of your food one day and put it in the freezer knowing that when you are ready to enjoy it, it will seamlessly make the transition to any other environment associated with food preparation or clean up.

Since people who practice meal prepping often do it to make their lives easier and save themselves hours every week, buying a bodybuilding meal prep container that could not easy transfer between freezer, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher would be a poor investment. Poor quality containers could actually cost you more time, energy, and even money in the long run when you factor in all of the extra steps that would need to be taken to achieve a proper meal out of an improper food container.


colored meal prep containers

The greatest part about being able to purchase bodybuilding meal prep containers in different colors is the organizational aspect that they provide. Bodybuilders have to be very careful that they are taking the correct meal preps with them everyday, because their diets are often incredibly strict, leaving little to no room for error. With the inclusion of colored meal prep containers into their routines they can avoid the possibility of taking the wrong meals on the wrong day.

Whether they want to make a different color container signify a type of food, or a different day of the week they can easily become more organized and efficient in their meal prepping endeavors. With seven different meal prep container colors, including the original option of black, there are a host of choices and opportunity to improve the organization of their already hectic lives. In addition to helping organize personal food options, the colored containers can also separate one individual’s food from another, if more than one meal prepper lives in the same house.

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