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CrossFit is a specialized exercise regimen that focuses on conditioning and principle strength. It is tailored both to the entire population, as well as the singular individual. This is done by delivering a set program that does not change in routine, but instead in intensity and weight loads. This unique layout provides a workout that is compatible with people of all fitness levels, which is why it’s become such a popular option from average exercise beginners all the way through to professional athletes.


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The IsoPack and Iso Duffle are two products that have been specifically designed by Isolator Fitness, to not only hold meal preps and beverages, but also gym equipment and gear. These two bags are the ultimate in health and fitness carrying gear. While they each have specialized compartments for food that are insulated and lined with vinyl for easy clean up, I’d like to discuss a completely different use for these areas today. It has recently been discovered that these pockets within the Isopack and iso duffle, that were originally sized, designed, and laid out for food, are perfect separate areas for CrossFit equipment.

Due to the uniqueness of the CrossFit program it’s clear that participants of the program require articles unique carrying equipment for all of their CrossFit gear. Between lifting belts, sweaty clothes, and sneakers, the average CrossFitter has quite a bit of wearables that should be kept contained, and away from the rest of their fresh and clean attire. Both the Isopack and the iso duffle provide vinyl lined compartments that are completely sealed away from the other pockets of the bags. The Isopacks compartment is located underneath the main storage area, while the iso duffles compartment is located on the side of the bag. These compartments are perfect for holding CrossFit sneakers, lifting belts, and any CrossFit clothes that may smell less than desirable after your workout.


Since the lower compartment of the Isopack, and the side pocket of the iso duffle were originally designed to hold food, they have a few unique characteristics built right in that convert well to storage compartments for odorous equipment and workout clothes.

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Exterior Entry offer easy access to anyone trying to quickly and efficiently get to any of their CrossFit gear without disrupting the rest of their belongings. Having this separate compartment is ideal because it means that getting to your gear, and putting it away is simple. Bonus: With everything in one pocket it’s easier to see if you’re forgetting anything.

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The Vinyl Lining of the compartments offer easy clean up for bacteria ridden workout clothes, sneakers, and equipment.

  • To Clean Vinyl: Put a small amount of mild detergent or dish soap onto a washcloth and run under warm water. Ring out washcloth and wipe the interior of the vinyl lined compartment with the washcloth. Use paper towels to dry the vinyl before closing the compartment off. Leaving the vinyl damp could cause cracking.isobag features

YKK Zippers provide the sturdy closures needed to ensure that your CrossFit clothes and equipment remain contained within the separate compartments. These zippers will hold up against the wear and tear of being used for daily CrossFit commutes.

The Interior Seams of the bag provide a completely sealed barrier between your CrossFit gear and the rest of your personal items. This is important if you plan on carrying your sweaty and smelly things with you for any extended period of time during your day.
The beauty in these bags is that your wet clothes and dirty equipment can go into one easy to clean compartment, while the rest of your gear; chalk, gloves, liquid grip, supplements, water, and extra clothes are safely tucked away in their own pockets of the bag. Better yet each of these bags have even more spaces and pockets to carry your personal items: keys, wallet, cell phone, ipod, tablet, and anything else you may need for the day. The isopack is the perfect bag for the average, everyday CrossFitter, and the iso duffle is ideal for the CrossFit fitness lunchbox

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